She pulled you by your necktie

And crashed into you

So you thought that

Like a car wreck

You had to watch

And see what happened

She told you things

That might mean love

And maybe you believed them

But like a car wreck

You watched

And saw what happened

She said to you


emsgem replied to your post: “Cool, the neighbors are beating the shit out of their children again.”:
um idk you on any level i just realized i was following you but if you actually think this is happening you should tell the police not post it on tumblr

Literally, Already called them. They came here and nothing was going on next door and they yelled at me for five million years for “false reporting” 

well that’s absolutely ridiculous i’m sorry you had to go through that maybe next time you feel like this is happening tell some other adult nearby who will actually do something


the incredibles 2 better have the original characters in it like

the kid who voiced dash is like 20 now

i don’t care if we have college age dash

i don’t care if violet is an adult

i don’t care if jack-jack is a preteen/teenager

keep them in it






tumblrcon would be such a bad idea it would be like 75% scary superwholocks probably

sorry i think you misspelt brilliant

nah its a terrible idea have you seen superwholocks they are terrifying

What do you mean, terrifying? *Drinks salt*

what the fuck


when you ask ur crush who they like and they say someone else’s name and you act like you’re fine


you had such a thirst for knowledge; and now school has ruined that. —something that someone said to me recently and I think about it a lot.  (via fuckyeahtxtposts)


This day has been very beautiful.




im laying in bed and i was laughing at this pic of macklemore and my ipad decided to freeze and now i feel like im laying next to macklemore in bed it feels like i slept with macklemore and im so scared

she keeps me warm



Here, have Tom Hiddleston whispering creepy things into your ear. 

Second 3D sound experiment. Uploading this again because I deleted it and people were asking about it. Clip from the Red Necklace audiobook. Wear headphones.   


welcome to my crib sorry it’s a little small i’ve had it since I was a baby


*blows kiss up to the sky (for the aliens)*